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Quran Kareem Audio Files for Pocket Islam

Please use Pocket Islam Download Manager to download the Quran Kareem audio files, however, if you have a proxy problem, use this webpage. To Download the Quran Kareem. You just need to select the sura and right click with mouse and choose "save as ..." to save the sura in your Quran directory, then copy it from your PC to Pocket Islam Quran directory on you PDA.

[SND] 001fatiha_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:13   202k 
[SND] 002baqarah_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:13   2.0M 
[SND] 002baqarah_02.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:13   1.8M 
[SND] 002baqarah_03.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:13   1.3M 
[SND] 002baqarah_04.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:13   1.6M 
[SND] 002baqarah_05.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:13   2.1M 
[SND] 002baqarah_06.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:13   1.5M 
[SND] 002baqarah_07.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:13   1.8M 
[SND] 002baqarah_08.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:13   1.8M 
[SND] 002baqarah_09.mp3       09-Jun-2000 16:49   1.6M 
[SND] 002baqarah_10.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   2.0M 
[SND] 002baqarah_11.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.8M 
[SND] 002baqarah_12.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.5M 
[SND] 002baqarah_13.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.9M 
[SND] 002baqarah_14.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   2.1M 
[SND] 002baqarah_15.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.4M 
[SND] 002baqarah_16.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.6M 
[SND] 002baqarah_17.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.9M 
[SND] 002baqarah_18.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.3M 
[SND] 002baqarah_19.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.9M 
[SND] 002baqarah_20.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:14   757k 
[SND] 003aleimran_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.3M 
[SND] 003aleimran_02.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.8M 
[SND] 003aleimran_03.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:14   1.7M 
[SND] 003aleimran_04.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:15   2.0M 
[SND] 003aleimran_05.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.9M 
[SND] 003aleimran_06.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.9M 
[SND] 003aleimran_07.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.7M 
[SND] 003aleimran_08.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.7M 
[SND] 003aleimran_09.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.9M 
[SND] 003aleimran_10.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.4M 
[SND] 003aleimran_11.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.5M 
[SND] 004nisa_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.6M 
[SND] 004nisa_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:15   2.1M 
[SND] 004nisa_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.6M 
[SND] 004nisa_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:15   2.4M 
[SND] 004nisa_05.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.5M 
[SND] 004nisa_06.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.7M 
[SND] 004nisa_07.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:15   1.9M 
[SND] 004nisa_08.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.7M 
[SND] 004nisa_09.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:16   2.0M 
[SND] 004nisa_10.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.6M 
[SND] 004nisa_11.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.4M 
[SND] 004nisa_12.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.6M 
[SND] 005maidah_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.9M 
[SND] 005maidah_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.8M 
[SND] 005maidah_03.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.2M 
[SND] 005maidah_04.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.6M 
[SND] 005maidah_05.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.8M 
[SND] 005maidah_06.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.5M 
[SND] 005maidah_07.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.6M 
[SND] 005maidah_08.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.4M 
[SND] 005maidah_09.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:16   1.4M 
[SND] 006anam_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:16   2.9M 
[SND] 006anam_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   2.0M 
[SND] 006anam_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.5M 
[SND] 006anam_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   2.1M 
[SND] 006anam_05.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.5M 
[SND] 006anam_06.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.5M 
[SND] 006anam_07.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.4M 
[SND] 006anam_08.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.4M 
[SND] 006anam_09.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.7M 
[SND] 007araf_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   2.4M 
[SND] 007araf_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.9M 
[SND] 007araf_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.7M 
[SND] 007araf_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   2.1M 
[SND] 007araf_05.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.9M 
[SND] 007araf_06.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:17   1.8M 
[SND] 007araf_07.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.6M 
[SND] 007araf_08.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:18   2.0M 
[SND] 007araf_09.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.6M 
[SND] 007araf_10.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.3M 
[SND] 008anfal_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.6M 
[SND] 008anfal_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.5M 
[SND] 008anfal_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.9M 
[SND] 008anfal_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.5M 
[SND] 009tawbah_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.8M 
[SND] 009tawbah_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.7M 
[SND] 009tawbah_03.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.6M 
[SND] 009tawbah_04.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.3M 
[SND] 009tawbah_05.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.9M 
[SND] 009tawbah_06.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.6M 
[SND] 009tawbah_07.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:18   1.9M 
[SND] 009tawbah_08.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.4M 
[SND] 009tawbah_09.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:19   807k 
[SND] 010yunus_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.0M 
[SND] 010yunus_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.9M 
[SND] 010yunus_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   2.3M 
[SND] 010yunus_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.5M 
[SND] 010yunus_05.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.6M 
[SND] 010yunus_06.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.7M 
[SND] 011hud_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:19   433k 
[SND] 011hud_02.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.7M 
[SND] 011hud_03.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.4M 
[SND] 011hud_04.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.8M 
[SND] 011hud_05.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.9M 
[SND] 011hud_06.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.9M 
[SND] 011hud_07.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.2M 
[SND] 012yusuf_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   542k 
[SND] 012yusuf_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   1.8M 
[SND] 012yusuf_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:19   2.3M 
[SND] 012yusuf_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.8M 
[SND] 012yusuf_05.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.9M 
[SND] 012yusuf_06.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:20   884k 
[SND] 013raad_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   573k 
[SND] 013raad_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.5M 
[SND] 013raad_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.5M 
[SND] 013raad_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   756k 
[SND] 014ibrahim_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.1M 
[SND] 014ibrahim_02.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:20   2.0M 
[SND] 014ibrahim_03.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:20   2.1M 
[SND] 015hijr_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   2.1M 
[SND] 015hijr_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.9M 
[SND] 016nahl_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.9M 
[SND] 016nahl_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.5M 
[SND] 016nahl_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.8M 
[SND] 016nahl_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:20   1.4M 
[SND] 016nahl_05.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.8M 
[SND] 016nahl_06.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.3M 
[SND] 017israa_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.7M 
[SND] 017israa_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.9M 
[SND] 017israa_03.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.6M 
[SND] 017israa_04.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:21   2.1M 
[SND] 017israa_05.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.0M 
[SND] 018kahf_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.0M 
[SND] 018kahf_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.8M 
[SND] 018kahf_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.6M 
[SND] 018kahf_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.6M 
[SND] 018kahf_05.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.6M 
[SND] 018kahf_06.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   803k 
[SND] 019marium_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.1M 
[SND] 019marium_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:21   2.1M 
[SND] 019marium_03.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:21   1.9M 
[SND] 020taha_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:21   2.0M 
[SND] 020taha_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.6M 
[SND] 020taha_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.5M 
[SND] 020taha_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.5M 
[SND] 021anbiya_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.7M 
[SND] 021anbiya_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.6M 
[SND] 021anbiya_03.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.8M 
[SND] 021anbiya_04.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:22   2.0M 
[SND] 022haj_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:22   2.0M 
[SND] 022haj_02.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.7M 
[SND] 022haj_03.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.8M 
[SND] 022haj_04.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.6M 
[SND] 023muminun_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:22   2.2M 
[SND] 023muminun_02.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.8M 
[SND] 023muminun_03.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:22   2.3M 
[SND] 024nur_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:22   1.6M 
[SND] 024nur_02.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:23   2.0M 
[SND] 024nur_03.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:23   2.0M 
[SND] 024nur_04.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:23   2.0M 
[SND] 025furqan_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.6M 
[SND] 025furqan_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.8M 
[SND] 025furqan_03.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.4M 
[SND] 026shuara_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.9M 
[SND] 026shuara_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.7M 
[SND] 026shuara_03.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.9M 
[SND] 026shuara_04.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.3M 
[SND] 027naml_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.9M 
[SND] 027naml_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:23   2.0M 
[SND] 027naml_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:23   1.8M 
[SND] 027naml_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:23  1013k 
[SND] 028qasas_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:23   680k 
[SND] 028qasas_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.5M 
[SND] 028qasas_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.9M 
[SND] 028qasas_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.7M 
[SND] 028qasas_05.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.3M 
[SND] 029ankabut_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:24   2.1M 
[SND] 029ankabut_02.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.7M 
[SND] 029ankabut_03.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:24   2.0M 
[SND] 030rum_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:24   2.0M 
[SND] 030rum_02.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.7M 
[SND] 030rum_03.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:24   506k 
[SND] 031luqman_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.6M 
[SND] 031luqman_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.1M 
[SND] 032sajdah_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:24   687k 
[SND] 032sajdah_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.4M 
[SND] 033ahzab_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.6M 
[SND] 033ahzab_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:24   1.2M 
[SND] 033ahzab_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:24   2.2M 
[SND] 033ahzab_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.3M 
[SND] 033ahzab_05.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.0M 
[SND] 034saba_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:25   902k 
[SND] 034saba_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.4M 
[SND] 034saba_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.9M 
[SND] 034saba_04.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:25   645k 
[SND] 035fatir_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.6M 
[SND] 035fatir_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.9M 
[SND] 035fatir_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   622k 
[SND] 036yasin_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.2M 
[SND] 036yasin_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.4M 
[SND] 036yasin_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.1M 
[SND] 037saffat_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:25   687k 
[SND] 037saffat_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.8M 
[SND] 037saffat_03.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.6M 
[SND] 037saffat_04.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:25  1009k 
[SND] 038saad_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:25  1015k 
[SND] 038saad_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.8M 
[SND] 038saad_03.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:25   1.4M 
[SND] 039zumar_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   849k 
[SND] 039zumar_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:25   2.0M 
[SND] 039zumar_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.8M 
[SND] 039zumar_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   2.0M 
[SND] 040gahfir_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.5M 
[SND] 040gahfir_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.7M 
[SND] 040gahfir_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.7M 
[SND] 040gahfir_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.5M 
[SND] 041fusilat_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   462k 
[SND] 041fusilat_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.3M 
[SND] 041fusilat_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.9M 
[SND] 041fusilat_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   749k 
[SND] 042shura_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   900k 
[SND] 042shura_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.5M 
[SND] 042shura_03.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.7M 
[SND] 042shura_04.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:26   340k 
[SND] 043zukhruf_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.2M 
[SND] 043zukhruf_02.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.9M 
[SND] 043zukhruf_03.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:26   1.6M 
[SND] 044dukhan_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:26   585k 
[SND] 044dukhan_02.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:27   1.4M 
[SND] 045jasiyah_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:27   644k 
[SND] 045jasiyah_02.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:27   1.9M 
[SND] 046ahqaf_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:27   2.0M 
[SND] 046ahqaf_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:27   1.5M 
[SND] 047muhammad_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:27   620k 
[SND] 047muhammad_02.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:27   1.8M 
[SND] 047muhammad_03.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:27   467k 
[SND] 048fath_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:27   1.6M 
[SND] 048fath_02.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:27   1.3M 
[SND] 049hujurat_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:27   1.4M 
[SND] 049hujurat_02.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:27   483k 
[SND] 050qaf_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:27   2.1M 
[SND] 051zariat_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:27   2.0M 
[SND] 052tur_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:27   1.7M 
[SND] 053najm_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:27   2.0M 
[SND] 054qamar_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.9M 
[SND] 055rahman_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:28   2.4M 
[SND] 056waqia_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.8M 
[SND] 056waqia_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:28   616k 
[SND] 057hadid_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.4M 
[SND] 057hadid_02.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.8M 
[SND] 058mujadilah_01.mp3     09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.7M 
[SND] 058mujadilah_02.mp3     09-Jun-2000 13:28   848k 
[SND] 059hashr_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:28   2.4M 
[SND] 060muntahanah_01.mp3    09-Jun-2000 13:28   2.0M 
[SND] 061saff_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.2M 
[SND] 062jummah_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:28   929k 
[SND] 063munafiqun_01.mp3     09-Jun-2000 13:28   974k 
[SND] 064taghabun_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.3M 
[SND] 065talaq_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.5M 
[SND] 066tahrim_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.4M 
[SND] 067mulk_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:28   1.8M 
[SND] 068qalam_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.7M 
[SND] 069haqqah_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.6M 
[SND] 070maarij_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.3M 
[SND] 071nuh_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.2M 
[SND] 072jinn_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.5M 
[SND] 073muzzammil_01.mp3     09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.1M 
[SND] 074mudassir_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.4M 
[SND] 075qiyamah_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:29   880k 
[SND] 076insan_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.4M 
[SND] 077mursalat_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.2M 
[SND] 078naba_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.1M 
[SND] 079naziat_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.0M 
[SND] 080abasa_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:29   902k 
[SND] 081takwir_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29   603k 
[SND] 082infitar_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:29   494k 
[SND] 083mutaffin_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:29   1.1M 
[SND] 084inshiqaq_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:29   618k 
[SND] 085buruj_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:29   672k 
[SND] 086tariq_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:29   370k 
[SND] 087ala_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:29   392k 
[SND] 088ghashiyah_01.mp3     09-Jun-2000 13:29   550k 
[SND] 089fajr_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   838k 
[SND] 090balad_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:29   464k 
[SND] 091shams_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:29   346k 
[SND] 092lail_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   448k 
[SND] 093zoha_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   258k 
[SND] 094inshirah_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:29   153k 
[SND] 095teen_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   234k 
[SND] 096alaq_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   396k 
[SND] 097qadr_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   177k 
[SND] 098bayyinah_01.mp3      09-Jun-2000 13:29   541k 
[SND] 099zilzal_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29   230k 
[SND] 100adiyat_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29   273k 
[SND] 101qariah_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29   242k 
[SND] 102takasur_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:29   211k 
[SND] 103asr_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:29   103k 
[SND] 104humazah_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:29   214k 
[SND] 105fil_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:29   155k 
[SND] 106quraish_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:29   148k 
[SND] 107maun_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   193k 
[SND] 108kausar_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29    84k 
[SND] 109kafirun_01.mp3       09-Jun-2000 13:29   189k 
[SND] 110nasr_01.mp3          09-Jun-2000 13:29   131k 
[SND] 111lahab_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 16:44   151k 
[SND] 112ikhlas_01.mp3        09-Jun-2000 13:29    79k 
[SND] 113falaq_01.mp3         09-Jun-2000 13:29   134k 
[SND] 114nas_01.mp3           09-Jun-2000 13:29   171k


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