SmartNet announced Fifth Media, Malay has licensed Pocket Arabizer software for Arabic, Farsi and Urdu languages

Pocket Arabizer
World's smallest PDA Phone running Microsoft Windows CE .NET OS now features Pocket Arabizer. SmartNet announced that Fifth Media, Malay has licensed Pocket Arabizer software for Arabic, Farsi and Urdu languages


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SmartNet Wireless

SmartNet is a technology and software company focused on creation and licensing of advanced solutions for mobile and portable devices. We have developed several technologies that offer a localization solutions for devices in a number of world languages. SmartNet software is widely used software for PDAs, Smartphones and embedded platforms.


SmartNet provides you with competitive, quality-focused internationalization and localization services that enable you to sell your products and services worldwide. We work with you to analyze your localized requirements. We also help you define your localization plans, establish solution requirements, design the solution, and quickly implement services. SmartNet Wireless is a pioneer company in the Localization for embedded devices. Our experience includes Wireless and non wireless devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and other devices or components that require international Interfaces.


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5 out of 5 stars 23-Apr 2004 by Firoze Musthafa using T-Mobile PPC Phone

Oh My God!!!! I was never so happy with any software I have seen...This is a piece of art...Soooooooo...many features...I am amazed to see the level of detail and effort....May Allah bless you with more and more talent....This is working flawlessly in my pocket PC and I am absolutely happy and satisfied with this  Read more reviews



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